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Jake is a trained barber who is known for giving a great shave.

Jake began his training at Klassic Transformations Barber Academy. Since leaving the Academy, he has honed his skills by working at City Styles and continuing his training in some notable courses:

  • Babyliss Barbering 201
  • Hattori Hanzo
  • Pope the Barber: Barbering Technique
  • Brooke Kenyon: Women’s Haircutting
  • Justin Thomas: Haircutting Technique
  • Roy Jay White: Chop Suey Technique

When he’s not in the shop, Jake is usually enjoying quality time with his wife and two boys. He also enjoys gardening, yard work, and the occasional motorcycle ride.

Jake says, “Being a barber is really a unique profession. To have people sit in my chair and forget about how busy the world is all around them, to give them a chance to take a breath and leave refreshed is a really special service that I get to provide.”