About Us

At Just for You we aim to give you a unique nail and hair salon experience! We love to get to know our clients on a first name basis, and we don’t mind if you show up early for your appointment just to chat and soak up the atmosphere. Nothing makes us happier than when clients tell us how great a visit to the shop makes them feel, and we strive to make everyone who comes in feel as special as we believe they are.

JFY Front Door
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Our Story

Just for You opened on September 9, 1996, only a few months after the dream was born. Owner, Phyllis Roach, tells this story:

“It was a faith walk. My friend Mary was looking for a space for her bagel shop. When she walked into the space that was to become Just for You she said she saw me doing nails there. I thought she was crazy at the time – that was in May.


In July I was getting ready to go on vacation and the thought of the shop wouldn’t go away. I finally went to look at the shop (on a Wednesday) and knew right away I was supposed to do this. I called the landlord and set up a meeting for Thursday.


The landlord said she had shown the space a lot, but knew there was a certain person for it. When she saw me she said, “You are that person.” She handed me the keys, I signed the lease, and it has always been that way ever since – guided at every step.”